The Ancient Ones, a Medicine of Hopefulness

Who are the ancient ones?  How can they help? 

I read an article by a scientist recently.  He talked about how miracles had occurred in certain sacred places on the earth when ancient ceremonies were performed there, restoring some long lost connection to some unseen power.  Despite his cynicism and his linear upbringing, he heard the murmurs of the ancient ones.   He called for us to renew our acquaintance with those who live disembodied but present in all things, he asked for us to be still enough to feel the spirit of the earth and to listen to what she needs.

Have you felt the presence of the ancient ones when you sowed your seeds in the soil nourished with your love?  Have you seen something out of the edges of your eyes, when you wandered through the forest on a misty morning, something that reminded you that you are not alone?  Have you heard the invitation given by the rising sun and echoed in the still waters of the morning sea, asking that you make this day “the day”, the day when the subtle voices are honored.

There are those who can see spirit in the smoke of the fire.  There are those who can call the wild animals to cross their path and affirm their choice.   There are those who can hear a message in a dream and know that it comes straight from the wisdom of the ancient ones and it is a message to heed.  There are those who know the old practices from a different time, and know the value of the sacred places and the sacred objects.  There are those who would see the world lifted up with the help of powerful forces who are ever present but unseen.

The giveaway, the sacrifice, the fire ceremony, the animal totem, the altar, the ritual cleansing, the fasting and feasting, the long night of dance and song, these words themselves evoke something within us.  Spirit longs to be present.  The indigenous knew that there was no life without spirit.  Spirit flows through the world and is the life force of the planet.  And spirit is honored by the practices that acknowledge all that is.  

Most of us are given but a brief moment here and there when we can feel deeply into the unknown. Mostly we travel on what we think is solid ground.  We are veiled and limited. 

But the tender heart knows there is more.  And in those moments when we light a candle and send a prayer rising up with the smoke, in those moments when we plunge our body into the cold water of dawn to join with the waters of the world and wash ourselves clean; in those moments, then we too can feel the presence of the ancient ones, the ones who care and who know how to help, and who know what matters.

The earth yearns for us to be a bridge to heaven and for us to stand supported on her broad shoulders, calling down the compassionate love that heals and connects.  The earth longs for us to be as family and not as conquerors. 

The ancient ones, pouring down their tears like gentle rain, nurture that longing and that yearning and ache with us and for us, as we walk on, blind, but holding the possibility of everything.

This medicine that I practice, this medicine that seems to work despite my doubts; it is resonant medicine, a medicine of vibration that works on Qi, energy, spirit.  It is strengthened by my good intentions and by the enormous love I feel for my patient. 

And I practice in the old way, in the indigenous way that was handed down to me.  It is like a ceremony, a ceremony of healing. I follow carefully in the footsteps of the ancient ones who first practiced.

Can we practice a medicine now for the planet that she may heal?  This earth needs our intention and our enormous love and she needs the wisdom of the indigenous way.  Because our way, our linear way of taking and using and owning, our way is killing her and killing us.

And so I pray, and offer up my little life for the greater good.  I practice my medicine and pray that the vibration ripples out and is amplified and joins with all the good that exists.  I pray that this force for good is magnified by the ancient ones to make an unstoppable power, that we may change and we may evolve and that our blessed sacred mother earth may heal.

May we walk together, blind and veiled or with sight and awareness, holding the possibility of everything and listening to what the earth needs.