Journeys for Deep Healing- Oaxaca Journeys, Women’s Kayaking

Journey to the Heart of Indigenous Oaxaca.  Experience the Magic and the Medicine

 An incredible opportunity for exposure to traditional medicine to enhance your own connection to spirit, while enjoying the fabulous landscapes, arts and artisans, amazing food, and generous hospitality of indigenous Oaxaca

Oct 30- Nov 10 2021

$300 off early bird special- with $500 deposit by April 30

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$500 to reserve your place.

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A Journey that Feeds your Soul, Awakens your Senses, and Enlivens your Adventurous Spirit

These Trips Are For You if…

  • You are facing some transitions or challenges and want some clarity
  • You are longing to connect more with your intuition and to have more of a relationship with the unknown
  • You want to empower yourself so that you become more joyful
  • You are ready for time away, out of your routine, doing something very different which can give you a totally new perspective
  • You have a wild side that needs some tending, and howling at the moon on a dark jungle night sounds like fun
  • You love travel, new places, great food, lots of variety
  • You are excited to learn how others live and experience a different culture and way of life.
  • You are ready to move forward on the path toward your dreams

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More information and to register



$500 to reserve your place.

more information and to register

Contact: or text 206 842-7706

Notes from 2016.

For a blog on a recent trip, including Buried, the story of a deeply powerful personal healing ritual with Elizabeth go to: Oaxaca Medicine,

What People Are Saying:

When I accepted the invitation to join Maria on a small tour to the state of Oaxaca to meet and work with a shaman, deep in the jungle, I had no idea what was in store.  I only knew that having been Maria’s neighbor and friend for some time, I could trust her and that we’d have some kind of great adventure.  The trip exceeded my expectations!  Having endured a tough year at home, I arrived in Huatulco, seeking some kind of healing and respite from my life.  Over the course of eight days, there was ample time to rest and relax, explore the jungle on foot, swim, enjoy delicious meals, most of which were beautifully presented by our coffee plantation hosts, the family of Elizabeth, the shaman who lives nearby.  After time spent in ritual and ceremony both individually and as a group with Elizabeth, we parted for the west coast, where we enjoyed three days of relaxation and exploration (and more delicious food, a visit to a crocodile sanctuary and a natural cosmetics factory and swimming with sea turtles in the Pacific Ocean, among our activities).  The entire trip, I felt safe, nurtured, protected, awed, and deeply healed.  And I had a damn good hoot of a time!  The trip was an amazing bargain, given all we did.  And most importantly, we formed an intimate tribe of women who continue to support, encourage, and enjoy each other, so much that we’re having a reunion in May.  Thanks, Maria for an experience of a lifetime.  I can’t wait to do it again.  Alisa M

I knew I had signed up for an adventure to Oaxaca with Maria but I couldn’t have imagined how magical the adventure would be.  Maria’s skill as a facilitator- her warmth, humor, and easy going nature ensured that everyone’s needs were met.  This trip was healing, transformative, and helped me access what I need most to thrive.  the group of women with whom we traveled was truly phenomenal.  Our cohesiveness as a group is a testament to Maria as a healer in every sense of the word.     Melissa S

What a beautiful experience! Thank you Maria for offering this amazing trip to a land of magic and the opportunity to connect with other like minded women (and men) and our ancestors.  I’m forever grateful!               Monica Q

•Our journey to Oaxaca was filled with meaningful experiences I could not have imagined before going. The healing practices were profound and I was moved in ways I had not anticipated.  Under Maria’s stewardship we were guided through incredible experiences that were both deeply moving as well as joyful and supportive.  A trip with Maria is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I am so grateful I was able to go!
Meghan G

•This trip is worth every penny and more.  It is the most unique trip I’ve ever taken and I’m 73 years old and have, essentially, traveled the world in various ways: backpacking, taking students on trips, homestays in Nicaragua, and even cruises!  I would highly recommend this trip to anybody who wants a deep and meaningful adventure and experience.  Susan K

•The trip was wonderful, possibly life-changing.  Only time will tell.  But I do feel like I am back in Seattle with a very different attitude, more open and welcoming, and I already have received responses from others I wasn’t expecting in my recent interactions.      Joe M

•The introduction to Mexican culture was something I never dreamed of.   The landscape, the richness, the power of the people will forever be with me.  Maria, this was truly an amazing, beautiful, deep and wonderful trip.  The experiences and new learnings will be with us forever.  Thank you for your enthusiasm, your positive spirit and for putting it all together.  Jennifer W

•This two week tour, beginning in Oaxaca City, was an extraordinary combination of traveling in rural areas in this beautiful part of Mexico, visiting sacred sites and meeting with practitioners of traditional medicine. Not only did we witness the healers in action, but we participated in cleansing rituals and had individual sessions addressing our own spiritual needs. It was a life changing experience and incredibly powerful. The tour concluded with sight seeing and relaxing on the coast for a couple of days. I highly recommend traveling with Tierraventura. The trip was well organized with comfortable accommodations and outstanding food. Claudia was a wonderful guide and extremely knowledgeable.  I loved this trip and truly feel that I was called to be part of it.  Maggie B

•Loved the journey. Everything was great! Loved circles! Good support and loving leadership. Enriching deepening experience of lifetime!      Rose W

•I hardly have the words to describe this most unique trip organized by Maria Cook.  My testimony is reinforced with the fact that I went with her on her January 2016 trip and loved it so much that I signed up for this trip which was a shortened version, only going to the Mamay coffee plantation in the jungle and the beach at Agustanillo. 

This trip, like the other one, was particularly wonderful, unlike any kind of “tour”.  We were asked to go beyond our comfort zones to participate in rituals with our personal “curandera”, Elizabeth, at the beautiful coffee plantation.  We were always reminded that we were “safe”.   The first one was “water cleansing”, in which we were subjected to many washings over our heads with cold water which made most of us cry and yelp.  Somehow, the magic worked in the feeling of being cleansed, not only physically but spiritually!  Other rituals were the burials in mud (earth ritual), and the fire ceremony where we emptied our maladies into the fire and brought forth renewed strength. We had personal consultations with Elizabeth who gave us prescriptions for continued spiritual health after we returned home.   Interspersed between were wonderful sharing circles led by Maria where we were able to release to the group our inner experience and concerns.  We sang beautiful songs.  This caused us to become closer and closer as a group and love each other in more and more deeper ways.  Besides the serious rituals and sharings, we had incredible FUN!   It was my 75th birthday and they gave me a surprise pinata party (organized, of course, by Maria!), with the pinata filled with affirmations!   Maria’s unique and creative sense of humor always made us laugh.  We had delicious meals with wine at dinner and shared poetry.  We went on personal expeditions in the rain in the jungle.  We went in groups to the swimming hole in the river and gloried in the cold, clear, and clean water, diving into the surging water from the water fall.  What a joyous, deep and shared experience!

Then, off to the beach at San Agustanillo!  We stayed in cabanas with comfortable beds and bathrooms right on the beach where we could frolick in the surf.  We had delicious breakfasts at the outdoor bar next to the cabanas.  Sumptuous dinners were in other restaurants in the tiny town.  We had expeditions  in boats out in the ocean where we saw turtles mating and were able to dive in ourselves!  Next door was  the ecological reserve of La Ventanilla, where crocodiles, birds, iguanas, and many other animals are protected.  The trip there was led by Sergio, a very informed native Mexican dedicated to the environmental work there.  So inspirational!

At a nearby town, we attended a “temezcal” ceremony.  Our wonderful guide, Claudia, said it was the best she had ever attended!  We honored the 4 directions in preparation to enter the temezcal, and in the temezcal we chanted and honored earth, water, fire and air.  After each one, the door was opened and we were able to relax, rub our bodies with cacao, drink tea, etc. When we finally got out, we were rinsed and felt totally cleansed and for the first time at the beach a little chilly!

The trip was fantastic in all ways.  We left Mexico with many new and intimate friends and a whole list of resolves to better ourselves spiritually.  We were more than grateful for our wonderful guides in Mexico: Claudia and Yves, and our personal leader, the one and only Maria!!!

Thank you Claudia, Yves, Elizabeth, and Maria!  And thank you to my new friends!        Susan K

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Women’s Transformational Kayak Journeys 2021


 July 29- Aug 1  2021

$499 includes food, camping fees, instruction, retreat activities.     Kayak rental not included.   Appropriate for all levels, beginners welcome. 

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