Transformational Journey to Oaxaca

Transformation, I use that word a lot to describe my offerings.  It refers to a thorough or dramatic change. 

I use it to describe the change that occurs when we change or way of thinking and behaving so that our life circumstances change.  We start to have to have the energy, vitality, vision, and commitment to be all that we can be. It is so important because our world won’t survive if we keep on with business as usual. 

Transformation is about overcoming obstacles that are holding us back.  It is about turning challenges into opportunities and cultivating the qualities that we need so that we can move forward.  Transformation is about adding the spark, the juice, the awareness that can turn our experience into something meaningful and helpful so that we become empowered to be our full self, no holds barred.

Transformation helps us change fear into excitement, discouragement into determination, and helplessness into action so that we feel the joy of living a life aligned with purpose and meaning.

Identifying the obstacles is the first step.  We don’t need to know where they came from, just that we are dealing with them.  The biggest challenges are usually the voices inside our head. 

There is that one that tells us we can’t, or that we shouldn’t, or that it is too hard, or that we don’t have what it takes, or that we don’t deserve it.  Boot that Bitch!

Whatever story you are listening to, you don’t have to believe it.  Remember that these voices came about to protect you, to keep you safe from disappointment and hurt, to keep you from failing by preventing you from trying. 

You need to acknowledge this voice, thank it for the good intention, and tell it that enough is enough.  And decide not to listen to these stories. 

You want instead to listen to your cheerleader, the voice of encouragement, the one who says “yes you can,” “you got this,”  “you will figure this out,”  “You can do this,”  “You deserve to be happy,”  “it is so worth it to take care of yourself and put yourself first!” 

Changing the story that you are listening to is the biggest part of the transformational process. 

It is helpful to identify the times when you did do it, when you managed something really hard, when you overcame the odds and found success.  Think about those times and celebrate them.  Your ability to face a challenge and persevere in the face of hardship can reveal things about yourself that you should remember.  We really are enormously resourceful and are capable of far more than we realize, if we just get out of our own way.

What can help us?  There are so many tools, so many ways to shift our inner state so that we can focus on the things that will move us forward rather than the things that hold us back.  With practice and commitment this gets easier and easier. 

These tools include a mediation practice, tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique, the use of essential oils (especially on acupuncture points), acupressure, energy medicine, artistic expression, gratitude journals, cultivating mindfulness, diet and exercise, etc, Use the tools that work for you. Practice! Commit! Take care of yourself, body and soul!

We have less times of doubt, less times when the voices are so insistent, when worries flare and we don’t know what to do. We waste less time being irritated, frustrated, blaming others, or being discouraged or confused.  We have more time for joy, more energy to make a difference!  We are more effective and happier!

We can create key experiences which can become touchstones inside ourselves which can help us in the low moments.  Transformational journeys can help us leap forward into changes that can become permanent.  A facilitated journey with a supportive community can jumpstart us on the path to joyful living.

I am leading a trip to Oaxaca in late October just in time for Day of the Dead.  It is going to offer lots of support for transformation. 

We will use the journey itself as an acknowledgement of what we are capable of.  That we can do things for ourselves that are deep, meaningful, and powerful.  That we can make things happen and say yes to our inner calling for more.

The incredible beauty of the natural world will be a catalyst to remind us of what is possible for us.  We deserve to experience everything the world offers, to see it all and to enjoy the sensual pleasures of life.  The mountains, rivers, waterfalls, jungle, and ocean.  The warm sun, gentle breezes, the smell of flowers, the incredible cuisine, the craftsmanship of the artisans, the color and vibrancy of the culture and the festival.

Oaxaca offers us support for transformation because it is a place that acknowledges the power of the unseen world. 

Working with Elizabeth, a traditional medicine woman, is a real gift and her abilities will move you forward on your path.  She will help connect you to your intuition and your own inner wisdom as well as to the support of ancestors and the spirit world.  You will find support for living your soul’s purpose.

Giving yourself this time and this experience. The time for transformation is now.  Your life is waiting to unfold.  You deserve this!