This is personal testimony that Maria Cook is a dedicated, very accomplished 5 Element Acupuncture Practitioner.
She has been treating me for all around good health for a number of years now and I simply could not live without it.
These treatments take me from simply existing to feeling over the top good both inside and out.  Staying balanced helps me think better, have far less mood swings, and it keeps me physically in far less pain.  To be 65 and still feel like I’m 50 is a good thing.  I recommend her without hesitation.- Jon T

Maria is a truly gifted healer and we are lucky to have such talent on the island. I first went to her when I had some significant health challenges and her treatments led to a complete turnaround, restoring my energy, strength, and overall well-being. And still today, Maria is the first person I call with an illness or injury. If you’re ready to begin taking the steps to achieve your best health, I recommend calling Maria—she’s the best I’ve ever worked with.- Hillary B R

After three years with Maria, I’m continually amazed at the subtle yet powerful effects of Five Element Acupuncture. It’s an amazing remedy for fatigue, tension, and everyday stress. – Susan N

Maria Cook is an extraordinary healer. From the minute you enter her care, you will experience compassion and sensitivity at the deepest levels of healing. – Carmi S

You get a double treat when you see Maria Cook for care- the amazing  healing power of Five Element Acupuncture plus Maria’s attentive, wise, and inspiring presence. Your whole body, mind and spirit are smiling afterwards! – Sophie M

Friends ask me why I see Maria for acupuncture when nothing is “wrong”. I tell them that regular treatments help me feel good all the time. – Clem E

I have been seeing Maria for about 4 years, from time to time at first,and now regularly. I have seen her expertise and intuition expandas she gets to know me better to the point where she is now my “go to” person for all my wierd ailments. Highly recommended!!- Bruce B

A session with Maria is a spa experience for body, heart, and mind. She is a care giver who listens on many levels, then treats primary concerns such as pain or emotional distress while balancing my system overall. Regular sessions = wellbeing!- Jenny A

Maria is a true healer! She expertly assessed issues, used her expertise to identify therapies, and I left feeling so much better than before her treatment. Maria performs miracles with pain relief. I highly recommend Island Acupuncture and Massage!- Ruth H

I am always amazed at how Maria can solve my problem regardless of what it is. Acupuncture with her has been enlightening and amazing.- Sharon S

Maria – Just want to thank you for the great acupuncture experiences I have been having with you. I drop into an exceptionally still and relaxed place during my sessions. I end up so calm and grounded. I think this would be a great treatment for anxious people or those who cannot sleep. So good!- Kathleen C

Maria is very good at what she does.  I felt the positive effects through the acupuncture on my whole body, mind, and spirit.  I didn’t expect that, but it is wonderful to feel good again.  Thank you, Maria!– Susan E