Balance in all levels, in a time of crisis

These notes came from a lecture by Yvonne Farrel.

We need to balance all levels of qi, so that we use all of our resources and use them appropriately; so that everything moves, and nothing is stuck; so that things flow through us and we act, then release, and surrender to what is; so that we eliminate resistance and consolidate our intention towards the highest good. 

The wei level is the outermost level of Qi that protects us from external threats.  This is active all day, keeping us safe, and then replenishes at night with rest.  We need it to be healthy so that we can take appropriate measures to survive.  In these times, though,  it can be overactive.

We can calm the wei level with breathing practices where the exhale is longer than the inhale; by reducing sensory and informational input- turn down the lights and volume and stop watching the news so much; by grounding with our bare feet on the earth or by soaking them in epsom salts; and by developing body awareness through scanning for tension, practicing yoga, or doing any practice that can move tension held in the sinews. 

The ying level is deeper than the wei and is associated with emotional process and with social interaction.  Our emotions are challenged during this crisis and our social interactions are disrupted so we need extra support at the ying level.

We can support the ying by breathing deeply and exhaling with noise, like a groan, yell or sigh.  We can remember that feelings come and go and are not who we are but something that we experience.  Shaking, dancing, moving and anything that helps circulate blood helps support the ying, which is the blood level.  Creative expression is a great way to support the emotional process. 

The yuen qi is the deepest level and is related to our beliefs and sense of self. We can access this level with quiet and calm and it is there that we can be reassured that there is a part of us that is never broken by trauma or any experience.  The yuen gives us the perspective we need to negotiate difficult times with calm and confidence and to connect to our intuition and inner guidance.  It brings us into contact with our source.

To balance the yuen level, breathe with deep belly breathing and exhale until there is no breath left.  The practice of stillness brings us into to the yuen- meditation, sitting in nature, embracing beauty, etc.   Strengthening the observer aspect enhances the yuen, so that we can experience life from the place that is never broken. 

We can access the yuen level through the eight extra meridians, “where the seed of destiny is planted.”  This is where we exist in the most whole way; this deep, calm place of peace, beyond trauma.  This is where we can regain sovereignty and have choice, where we can let go of beliefs that don’t serve us and recover the most unlimited version of ourselves. 

We are going to do a guided Chong Mai treatment as the key to the yuen level, so that we can embrace the belief that whatever comes up, we can deal with it.  To do this, we will use an essential oil on 3 acupuncture points. 

Choose one oil, either sage, fennel, myrrh, or frankincense and I will guide you through the treatment on the zoom call on Thursday.   Or reach out for a link to the replay.