Online Support

I am available for online sessions. These incredibly supportive sessions can help you transform negative emotions so that you can positively impact your immune system and flood your entire body with wellbeing. We also can address pain and physical health issues.

Together we can consider you health concerns and decide on modalities that will help you cope, thrive, and recover from whatever is holding you back.

I can offer you guided acupressure sessions which can address pain as well as other imbalances including anxiety, insomnia, headaches, and depression.

I also offer lifestyle support and we can find small changes that you can easily implement which will make a lot of difference for you. You can charge up your immunity, your energy, and your positive attitude.

These are difficult and challenging times and we all need support. Chinese medicine has a lot of answers, so reach out and connect with me.

I can offer you Chinese herbal remedies, essential oil recommendations, guided meditations for calming, wellbeing, and immune boosting, qi gong exercises to keep the qi flowing, as well as guided acupressure sessions.

Here is a menu of choices:

These visits may be covered by your insurance.

1/2 Hour: Get a reset, a chance to go over your concerns and a guided acupressure session targeting your main complaint. $30

45 Minutes: Together we will make a plan to choose modalities that will best address your concerns. This will include guided acupressure and an essential oil recommendation. Once you have the suggested oils, we will reconvene to go over the use of oils on individual acupressure points for a powerful result. $50

1 Hour: We will have time to hear you fully and to develop a plan for essential oil use and a self acupressure routine to address your major concerns. I will offer you some suggestions for qigong and breathwork and you will experience the benefits as we do this work together. You will also enjoy a guided meditation. This session also includes a follow up with a Chinese herbal formula recommendation. $85

Group Zoom Sessions: Free or By Donation

Please join me on Zoom for an Acupressure Happy Hour, Thursdays at 4:30.

We will experience some of the benefits of Chinese Medicine, share some gratitudes, build community, see some smiling faces, and enjoy a guided meditation and a chance to learn some stress reduction breathing techniques and to breathe together. Lift your spirit and give yourself 45 minutes of self care!

Available to all for free or by donation, so spread the word. Text me for more info: 206 842-7706 or sign up for my newsletter to receive the invitation.